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Sash Business Management | leading people-centric transformation
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leading people-centric transformation


About Us

The business name SASH conceptualizes
our desire to create productive mutual exchanges in organisations
societies and families globally, with the understanding that
Interdependence is the new future





Corporate organisations that invest in their employees’ personal development for the benefit of all stakeholders (customers, shareholders and workforce) in order to reap improved employee and organisational performance.

Public Entities

Public entities that invest in the creation of stake holding mind-set amongst their employees for effective service delivery, ethical practices and better outcome for their communities.           

Funders of Grants

Funders of grants and bursaries who invest in initiatives that close person-related gaps for their beneficiaries towards enjoying the benefit of the resultant impact made in larger society by these organisations’ flag bearers.

Families Seeking

Families seeking to overcome the challenges of interpersonal relationships in order to harness the full benefits of their domestic relationships through sound counsel and relevant services.     


To entrench Sash Business Management as the melting pot for providing a cohesive, people-centered training and development solutions that meaningfully add value to the people, process and products intercession involved in our clients businesses


Our mission is simple…to create Learnerships and interventions that release the capacity of individuals to be productive people, teams, organisations and nations.



Our philosophy is to support the local economy where possible. Disciplined, clear and insightful thought patterns hallmark each of our interventions among participants. Additionally, we assist our clients in implementing learning processes that are not just cost-effective and performance boosters but in reality cause transformation that vividly provokes profitable business outcomes and improved shareholder worth.


We design holistic, impactful, assessed interventions that are crafted to meet the peculiar needs of your organisation. We have tools that serve as maps to our core focus areas of consolidating present and emerging processes, knowledge and systems, towards achieving strategic alignment, business and people development and Learnerships.


SBM is result oriented, hence our strategic implementation tools provide the vitality and motivation for each of our interventions beginning from the consolidated diagnostic and analytical through to hands-on, sustainable learning processes and programmes that create competitive advantage.


The key principles that pivot our functioning and approach in delivering training and development are primarily:


  • Value adding: closing people –related performance gaps
  • Quality: Services rendered as stakeholders in our clients’ success
  • Flexibility: continuous and hitch-free methods of service implementation
  • Portability: transferable and strategic skills aligned to clients’ goals and main concerns



Sash Business Management makes every effort to accommodate physically challenged persons who may need special assistance or facilities to participate in any of our programmes. Please contact us if you require any information in this regard.






Benefits of online counselling

It is confidential and discrete

It gives room to privacy

Online counselling is convenient

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Benefits of online counselling


  • It is confidential and discrete.
  • It gives room to privacy – counselling is given confidentially in the privacy of your own space (home or office), or from any preferable location that you may choose for yourself.  You could access counsel from anywhere, anytime (on vacation, in another country, up in the middle of the night).
  • Online counselling is convenient – you can access communication and send messages according to your schedule.
  • Choice – access professional counselling services from geographically remote locations. You may access your favourite counselor anytime, any day from anywhere globally
  • Affordability – Our fees for online counselling are less and packages are available.
  • Anonymity – If you do not want face to face contact, you will be naturally inclined to communicate more openly without concerns for bias of race, gender, age, size or physical appearance. You are sure not to “meet” other clients and you will not be worried about bumping into people you might know.  This may lead to an increased level of honesty and therefore higher validity in the case of self-disclosure. The internet clearly offers a level of anonymity that is perceived by many users as non-threatening through allowing an ‘invisibility’ that can be disinhibiting.  You do not need to worry about meeting your counselor face-to-face. Some people find the anonymity of online counselling to be easier and more comfortable than face-to-face or telephone counselling, though it does not afford counselor the opportunity to access vital body-languages that could assist in the proper diagnosis and solution of the challenges. Like many others, you will find it much easier to talk to someone online.


Frequent Users of Online Counselling

  • Individuals who enjoy using electronic media and all the advantages that it offers, e.g. convenience, accessibility, confidentiality, reach and so on.
  • Individuals that travel often (regularly)
  • Individuals with very busy time schedules
  • Those who may have difficulty reaching appointments during usual business hours
  • Rural residents and people in remote areas who do not have access to counselling services
  • People living with disability
  • People unable to leave their home can also easily access such services with little inconvenience


How Online Counselling Works

  1. You are required to fill out a questionnaire to assist us in assessing your counselling needs and match you to one of our 32 accredited counsellors
  2. You can message your counselor whenever and wherever through our website or mobile app
  3. IF you are not happy with your counsellor, you CAN request a new counselor at any time.
  4. Control measures such as a unique number or token will be sent to your email. This number or token will be requested at every online session to ensure confidentiality, privacy and to make sure the right counselee is being addressed.


Please help us match you to the appropriate online counselor.

Fill out this brief questionnaire to provide some basic and anonymous background about you and the challenges that you would like to deal with in this online counselling platform. It would help us in matching you with the right counsellor for you. Your responses will also provide this counselor with the good starting point in getting to know you.

Hi, I will be walking you through the process of finding the best counselor suited to you! We will start with some general questions





Isaac I. Abe (PhD Leadership Studies, MBA, BSc. Hons. Business Administration

Managing Partner (Training and Consulting)

Dr. Isaac Abe is the Managing Partner (Training and Consulting) at Sash Business Management. He holds a PhD in Leadership studies from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Westville Campus) as well as an MBA in Financial Management from the Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria. He is a developer of training programs, academic curriculum, and accredited facilitator/lecturer in training and skills development.  He lectured ethics and international business at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Dr. Abe is a practitioner who held various management positions in the banking sector in Nigeria and the South African Corporate sector respectively. Dr. Abe is also an accomplished researcher and publisher of peer reviewed academic articles in workplace interpersonal relationships and work/life balance. He helps people discover the leader in them! Dr. Abe is a sought-after conference speaker who has traversed continents to present papers at business and academic conferences.

Ethel  A. Ndidiamaka (PhD in Management, MBA, BSc Hons, Business Administration

Managing Partner (Program Development and Strategies)

Dr. Ethel is the Managing Partner (Program Development and Strategies) at the Sash Business Management Cc (SBM). She is a seasoned scholar, entrepreneur, management consultant, program developer, corporate strategist, work-life balance expert and sought-after counsellor. Dr. Ethel has work experiences from the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy. Additionally, she has international lecturing and consulting experiences acquired from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, SM Zondi & Associates and the SBM in South Africa. She holds a doctoral degree (PhD) in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban, South Africa and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Dr. Ethel is also a seminar facilitator and prolific writer. She has presented scholarly papers at Academic and Professional Conferences nationally and internationally. Dr. Ethel is well published in peer-reviewed accredited journals, having several articles to her credit.

Ethel Ndidiamaka




Professor Roger B. Mason

PhD Management & Leadership

Roger B. Mason is the Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town. Prior to this he was Professor of Marketing at Durban University of Technology. His early career was in marketing in the motor industry and…Read More



PhD Education, MSC, BSc Hons Soc. Sciences

Dr. Mthetwa is a Human Resource specialist. She is presently the Senior Director Human Resource Management at the Durban University of Technology. Vuyo has held several top management positions including the post…Read More


Dr. Odunayo M. Olarewaju

PhD, MSc., BSc. Accounting

Dr. Olarewaju is a Senior Lecturer at the Durban University of Technology, South Africa. She has held faculty positions in the Management College of South Africa (MANCOSA), University of KwaZulu-Natal Westville Campus, Durban and Ekiti State …Read More


Dr. Olayiwola G. Idris

PhD Human Resources, MSc Human Resource and Industrial Relations, BA Philosophy

Dr Idris is an avid researcher, lecturer and inspirational facilitator. He has national and international lecturing experiences from South African Universities and…Read More


Ezekiel Fayomi Jide

PhD in Management and Entrepreneurship, MSc. Management, BSc. Business Administration

Dr. Fayomi E. Jide holds a…Read More


Christiana I. Obagbuwa

PhD, MSc, BSc. Computer Science

Dr. Obagbuwa is an expert computer scientist and a member of several national and international professional bodies. She lectures…Read More


Dr. Chidi I. Eke

PhD in Management, MBA, PGDP

Dr Eke holds a Doctorate degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa as…Read More


Olalekan I. Adisa


Olalekan Adisa holds a Doctoral degree in Political Science from the prestigious University of KwaZulu-Natal; A master’s degree in…Read More


Mr. Kehinde O. Oladele

MCom., BCom (Hons)., BTech Information Technology

Mr. Oladele holds a master’s and honours degrees in information systems and Communication from the prestigious University of KwaZulu-Natal as well as a…Read More


Ekwo Omakwu

Development Consultant and Venture Capitalist

Mr. Ekwo Omakwu is a development consultant and venture capitalist. He is Founder and President of the US Africa Technology Council- a Washington DC based organization…Read More



These solutions are designed to address current organisational needs that are people related and/or be the basis for the formulation of strategic plans for people, skill and organisational development. SBM adopts a multi-faceted approach to learning and development. We vigorously integrate the calculated, methodical processes as well as people dimension into our Learnerships in order to accomplish

Tailor-made programmes

Social Exchange (interpersonal relationship) Courses

Business Development Courses

Community Development Programmes

Accredited Learnerships

Consultancy Services

Advanced Professional Courses



Course synopsis

Globally, most domestic units (families) are under pressure from within and without. Heightened cases of mental diseases, depression, suicide, reduction in productivity and resourcefulness at work, debilitating diseases and emergence of new diseases, domestic violence, high mortality rate, high divorce rates and many other vices are attributable to the family. About 85% of the cases handled by the Police and over 50% of the cases handled by courts are domestic related. In addition, most workplace conflicts and dismal performances could be traced to the spill-over effect of domestic issues into the workplace. Some spouses who professed undying love to one another are either trying to kill one another, or going through divorce or getting separated. Young people are preferring cohabitation to marriage while single parenthood, street children, alcohol and substance abuse, rebellion among youth, and rape is on the increase. The pressure on the family institution is on the increase. For instance, it is reported that “one in four people prefer to communicate via email rather than face to face, and this number will increase to three out of four people by 2020” Imagine the strain this could have on a relationship?

Read more

Everyone in a domestic relationship needs counselling at one time or the other but not everyone will go to counselling; either because of ignorance about the importance of counselling or because they do not know where to go and/or because of experience with untrained or ill-trained counsellors. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the counselling of people in domestic relationships is an accredited course by the ETDP-SETA, South Africa. It is designed to enrich those who counsel others with practical skills in counselling.  Over 95% success rate in counselling outcomes have resulted from this course.


The course provides a universal context for enhancing awareness (of individual/group dynamics) and society wide thinking, from the challenges of domestic relationships to transformation of those challenges and working effectively in the uncharted and ‘turbulent’ waters of domestic relationship. It equips counsellors with hands-on techniques to ensure that people in domestic relationships seeking counsel reap the mutual benefits embedded in their connectedness with one another.


How you will benefit. You will learn to:

  • Obtain insight into the pros and cons of domestic relationships, their structural formations and implication of each on relationships
  • Be sensitive in understanding the changing nature of relationships caused by various factors and events
  • Counsel a domestic unit in a domestic dilemma.
  • Be abreast of counselling ethics and pitfalls. You will also understand how to plan actions, implement and provide support in counselling
  • Refer couples or domestic units with specific needs and problems; the process, documents resources and facilities available to counselees.
  • Prepare a portfolio of Evidence (PoE)


Key Focus Areas

  • Intrapersonal conversation
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Listening for what is being said and what is deliberately left unspoken
  • Use of Language; mastering the “I” key
  • Role playing
  • Case studies


Who should be trained?

This course is ideal for those looking to develop or fine tune their counselling skills; or those in leadership and administrative positions who give counsel in a variety of counselling contexts including, but not limited to:

  • Schools
  • Police Service
  • Counselling Call Centres
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Support Agencies
  • Sports Centres
  • Education and Training facilities
  • Government, Health and Social Services Facilities
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Faith based Organisations


Entrance Requirements

  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Matric Exemption (or equivalent)
  • Minimum of three years’ work experience


Among Facilitators are:

Dr. Isaac Abe: He is the Managing Partner (Training and Consulting) at Sash Business Management. He holds a PhD in Leadership studies from the University Of Kwa Zulu Natal (UKZN) as well as an MBA (Financial Management) from the Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria. He lectured various Business and Leadership modules in the UKZN. Isaac has held various management positions in the banking industry.  As an accomplished scholar, he has published articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is an accredited counselor and facilitator. Dr. Abe helps people to discover the counselor in them.

Dr. Ethel Abe: Holds a PhD in Management and Entrepreneurship from the UKZN and a Master of Business Administration degree (Marketing & Management) from the Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria. Ethel is a corporate strategist, an entrepreneur and an expert in work-life balance strategies. She lectured Services Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Corporate strategies and Entrepreneurship for the UKZN. Dr. Abe has published several articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. She brings into her consulting practice, wealth of experience from the private and public sectors. She is an accredited counselor, moderator, assessor and facilitator. Dr. Ethel Abe co-founded Sash Business Management in 2009.


Duration: 4 Contact Days

Course Fee

The course fee of R10, 000 (Excluding VAT) includes the cost of tuition, all course materials, meals and refreshments on the course, assessment, moderation and certification. The cost does NOT include accommodation charges on the local Course or travel to and fro the venue.



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