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Sash Business Management | FAQs
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After Submitting My Form, What’s next?

  • An accredited counselor with the proper qualification will be matched to you.
  • Your counselor will review the information you shared.
  • You and your counselor start communicating online – the counselling process begins!

How do I talk to my counselor?

You have many options for how you choose to communicate with your counselor. The messaging room is available at any time, but you can also schedule phone, video, or live chat sessions with your counselor.

What if I don't like the counselor that was matched to me?

You can ask to be matched to a different counselor. SBM has accredited counsellors that are experts in domestic relationship counselling.

How much will it cost?

With SBM, you can have professional counselling for only $50 USD per session of one and half hours. Where you need more than three sessions in order to address your counselling need, you will be required to pay $40 per session.  If you subscribe to SBM’s family maintenance counselling where you get counselling once a month for 6-months, you will pay a subscription fee of $280.  Unlike traditional in-office therapy which can cost $100-$250 USD for a single session, subscribers with SBM have no limit to the number of times that they can communicate with their counselor as much as they want and whenever they need. The subscription is billed and renewed on a half-yearly basis. It includes both the use of the secured site and the counselling service itself.



How long will I use the service?

As long as you need. You can cancel the subscription to the service at any time for any reason with a click of a button.

In- office counselling is available also.

Price per session $50 USD $125
*SBM subscriptions are charged on a half yearly basis

Cost: $50 USD per session for counseling