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Sash Business Management | Online Counselling
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Online Counselling

Individuals and Families


Benefits of online counselling

  • It is confidential and discrete.
  • It gives room to privacy – counselling is given confidentially in the privacy of your own space (home or office), or from any preferable location that you may choose for yourself.  You could access counsel from anywhere, anytime (on vacation, in another country, up in the middle of the night).
  • Online counselling is convenient – you can access communication and send messages according to your schedule.
  • Choice – access professional counselling services from geographically remote locations. You may access your favourite counselor anytime, any day from anywhere globally
  • Affordability – Our fees for online counselling are less and packages are available.
  • Anonymity – If you do not want face to face contact, you will be naturally inclined to communicate more openly without concerns for bias of race, gender, age, size or physical appearance. You are sure not to “meet” other clients and you will not be worried about bumping into people you might know.  This may lead to an increased level of honesty and therefore higher validity in the case of self-disclosure. The internet clearly offers a level of anonymity that is perceived by many users as non-threatening through allowing an ‘invisibility’ that can be disinhibiting.  You do not need to worry about meeting your counselor face-to-face. Some people find the anonymity of online counselling to be easier and more comfortable than face-to-face or telephone counselling, though it does not afford counselor the opportunity to access vital body-languages that could assist in the proper diagnosis and solution of the challenges. Like many others, you will find it much easier to talk to someone online.


Frequent Users of Online Counselling

  • Individuals who enjoy using electronic media and all the advantages that it offers, e.g. convenience, accessibility, confidentiality, reach and so on.
  • Individuals that travel often (regularly)
  • Individuals with very busy time schedules
  • Those who may have difficulty reaching appointments during usual business hours
  • Rural residents and people in remote areas who do not have access to counselling services
  • People living with disability
  • People unable to leave their home can also easily access such services with little inconvenience


How Online Counselling Works

  1. You are required to fill out a questionnaire to assist us in assessing your counselling needs and match you to one of our 32 accredited counsellors
  2. You can message your counselor whenever and wherever through our website or mobile app
  3. IF you are not happy with your counsellor, you CAN request a new counselor at any time.
  4. Control measures such as a unique number or token will be sent to your email. This number or token will be requested at every online session to ensure confidentiality, privacy and to make sure the right counselee is being addressed.

Please help us match you to the appropriate online counselor.

Fill out this brief questionnaire to provide some basic and anonymous background about you and the challenges that you would like to deal with in this online counselling platform. It would help us in matching you with the right counsellor for you. Your responses will also provide this counselor with the good starting point in getting to know you.

Hi, I will be walking you through the process of finding the best counselor suited to you! We will start with some general questions