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Corporations and Public Entities


Our products are categorized into:


A. Tailor-made programmes

B. Social Exchange (interpersonal relationship) Courses

C. Business Development Courses

D. Community Development Programmes

E. Accredited Learnerships

F. Consultancy Services

G. Advisory services


These solutions are designed to address current organisational needs that are people related and/or be the basis for the formulation of strategic plans for people, skill and organisational development. SBM adopts a multi-faceted approach to learning and development. We vigorously integrate the calculated, methodical processes as well as people dimension into our Learnerships in order to accomplish;

A. Tailor–made Programmes: We identify corporate and person-related gaps, articulate core strategic drivers and define key strategic goals in order to enhance effective communication in the workplace, integrate measures and promote performance at every level of the organisation. Some of our programmes are;


  • Employee Wellness Programmes (EWPs) and effective Work-Life Balance Strategies (WLBS):


About this Course

Some organisations have adopted EWPs to assist their employees in managing work and family stressors. The costs of implementing these programmes are high and the truism about EWPS being ‘one-size-fits-all’ programmes need to be addressed. Also, the effectiveness of EWPs as work-life balance strategies is being contested by practitioners and academics.

Using our creative and innovative tools, we assist organisations in re-defining, re-formulating and implementing tactically aligned WLBS that address domain-specific stressors and assist employees in achieving meaningful work-life balance. In this program, we also train HR practitioners to identify practices that are strategically fitted to address domain-specific stressors.


  • The Take-A-Grip (Tag) Programme to Bridge Academic and Professional Gaps among Beneficiaries of Bursaries: is uniquely designed to provide support for bursary recipients towards sustaining the development of well-rounded graduates ready for the world of work and/or entrepreneurship. Funders do not only want a guaranteed academic success from their students but also desire to see growth and holistic development among them. Society is in a constant state of change and well-rounded graduates are needed in stimulating national development in the face of change. Funders would want to see the positive impacts made by their beneficiaries in the world of work and / or entrepreneurship.
  • Transforming Survivalist Entrepreneurs into Enterprising Entrepreneurs (TSEEE): The government has put in place, effective institutional structures and socio-economic policies to boost entrepreneurship. Such policies are targeted at advancing economic transformation and enhancement of the participation of the populace in economic development. The private sector has been supportive in granting funding to support budding entrepreneurs. However, high underperformance rates and low achievement among beneficiaries have been generally reported. This programme is designed to close the gap of survivalist entrepreneurship (where people see entrepreneurship as a way of surviving) and developing/enhancing strong entrepreneurial mind-set and successful entrepreneurship among emerging entrepreneurs and incubatees through innovative solutions.

Date (s)                                                          Programme Fee

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B. Social Exchanges (Interpersonal relationships) at the workplace Courses

SBM offers training for the following skill sets through training and other development opportunities to support organisations in terms of productivity, efficiency and performance improvements in accordance with scientific and theoretical methods. The courses are majorly soft skills. The development of these skills impact on business success. The courses in this category comprise;


I.  Social Skills Development – This skill set is very vital in literally every situation in places of work. It entails the development/enhancement of the capacity to associate respectfully with other people while engaging with work. We train organisational members to employ context-appropriate behaviours and conflict resolution skills.

II.  Advanced – order thinking: This soft skill includes critical thinking, decision making and problem solving. In this programme, employees are empowered further to manage their own duties and those of others in the most efficient and far reaching manner. It is suitable for employees in higher organisational positions.

III.  Communication skills: There are hierarchies in communication; that is, verbal, non-verbal and listening skills. Most workplace situations arise from communication. Strong communication skills facilitate smooth and effective organisational processes. We train organisational members to improve their communication skills

IV.  Self-control skills: although this skill is not easily noticed, it is a very important skill needed in workplaces. It describes the capacity to suspend gratification, handle emotions, regulate behaviours, control impulses and direct and focus attention. Employees who have strong self-control skills make better decisions, communicate very effectively and easily resolve conflicts. It has been empirically proven to have to have a strong effect on workplace success.

V.  Positive self-concept skills: Self-efficacy, self-leadership, self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of wellbeing are categorised under this skill set. Although employers downplay this skill set, empirical evidence report that it impacts on workplace success.

VI.  Leadership with Humility: The theory of ‘Iceberg of Ignorance’ proposes that most of the problems of an organisation are hidden from the management. It suggests that Executive Management of organisations are only aware of 4%, Team Managers see 9%, Team Leaders see 74% while Staff see 100% of the challenges respectively. It is impossible therefore for the most gallant management team to solve all the problems of the workplace, especially if they are only abreast of the ‘tip of the iceberg’. We proffer and have a well-designed approach to melting the iceberg – leadership with humility.


C. Business development: Through our academic and consulting experiences, we offer various customised and standard solutions to address business innovative, growth and expansion needs. The courses are;

a. Effective Entrepreneurial Skills (EES) training programme

b. Support services for SMMEs, Incubators/Incubatees

c. Business ethics and the cultural orientation training

d. Leadership in problem solving (the SEED analysis)

e. Time management skills training

f. Assertiveness in business for the African business woman

g. Support in organisations: building courage or fear?

h. Manager /subordinate interface and the Leader-Member Exchange

i. Business Innovation and Growth (BIG)

j. Strategic Leadership Skills for directors and senior managers


D. Community Development (CD): People are the basic and necessary ‘building blocks’ for society. Development of nationally and globally effective self-leaders, significantly contributing to family, community and society at large is achievable. The courses that we offer in our CD program are;

  • Mind-set modification and moral regeneration
  • Ethics and Moral Behavior
  • Youth mind-set development
  • Counselling programmes for families, parents and caregivers
  • Mentoring For Growth
  • Youth Orientation to Patriotism
  • Victim Empowerment: Mind-set Change
  • Appreciating Diversity and Multiculturalism


E. Accredited Learnerships: These are SETA accredited Learnerships that contribute to business and people development by equipping individuals with relevant skills.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of counselling people in domestic relationships NQF 4 (click to learn more)
  • Acceptable and unacceptable moral behaviours NQF 3
  • Managing workplace relationships NQF 3
  • Restoring relationships in dealing with conflicts NQF 5
  • Facilitate learning using various methodologies NQF 5
  • HIV/AIDS in the workplace NQF 2


F. Our consultancy services are rendered through customized interventions. We assist our clients to tap into motivating and leveraging the full capacity of their workforce, maximising their productivity and realising their organisational goals. Our services are delivered by excellent and highly qualified experts at facilitation and consultation in their fields.


G. Advisory services: include corporate advisory, workplace interpersonal relationship counselling, family/domestic relationship counselling, mentorship for entrepreneurs, mediation and conflict resolution.